About Me

I am a graduate student pursuing my Masters in Computer Science at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. I am a driven and motivated person and I appreciate good design. I love programming and solving mathematical problems and puzzles. Besides these, I am a huge fan of Manchester United. I am currently involved in learning and exploring iOS programming in Swift, Machine Learning and rock-climbing. I am interested in learning more about Virtual Reality and Game development.

My Skills

Core Java



Adobe AEM

My Interests


Taking an algorithmic approach to solve problems has been one of my strong traits. I try to utilize my free time on sites like Hackerrank, Google Code Jam and Project Euler, trying to come up with optimal algorithms for problems.

Web Development

I am fluent in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript and jQuery. I am also familiar with the REST principles and I have developed a lot of applications and POCs in Adobe AEM, which is Adobe's web based CMS. In addition to this, I have also developed websites as part of my academic coursework.

Mobile Application Development

I have developed apps in both iOS and Android. The iOS app was a simple gesture-driven alarm app that presents the user with a great and clean interface. The Android can be used as an eBay search tool. I am currently learning Swift and I am keen on developing more mobile as well as smart watch apps.

Artificial Intelligence

I am very much interested in Artificial Intelligence and its applications. I took up a course on the Foundations of Artificial Intelligence which gave me an opportunity to program some classifiers in Python. I have also taken up a course in Natural Language Processing and I will try to implement the knowledge that I gained from my AI course towards NLP.

User Interface Development

I am a big fan of design studies and I like to focus on making a product's design simple and effective. I also took up a course on Specifications and Design of User Interface Software and also developed a high-fidelity prototype for an iOS app. I have also extensively worked on creating and fixing website UIs.

Software Engineering

Software Engineering is vital to create strong processes to develop great software and I have learnt this with experience. As I was part of a small team in a big organization, I understand the various roles and stages of software development and their relevance in making things work properly.

My Work






Lines of Code


Github Contributions

Some Milestone Projects

Here are few of the projects that I have worked on that are close to my heart. I am proud of the fact that I learnt a lot of new things solely due to these projects.

My Hobbies

Web and Mobile

I enjoy programming both casual and competitive. I also look out for latest trends in programming.

Manchester United fan

I am a die hard Manchester United fan. I aim to watch atleast one match at Old Trafford in my lifetime.


I like pop/rock music and I love songs by 'Coldplay' and 'James Blunt'. I also listen to Tamil movie music and I like songs composed by Anirudh.

Spicy food lover

I love to taste new food and when I move to a city, I make it a point to have the local food and street food of the city.

Counter Strike, FIFA and GTA

I enjoy playing Counter Strike, FIFA 16 and GTA5 with my friends. LAN gaming FTW!

Random biking

I like to take my bike out and get a feel of the evening breeze. Off late, I hang out at Downtown Los Angeles, observing the street art scene and the Los Angeles culture.

Police stories

I like watching documentaries that encapsulate success stories of cops and armies. I derive a sense of success when I watch these.


Coming soon.


In the journey that is my academic, professional and social life, I have been gifted enough to meet some truly wonderful personalities and I have been able to share a great relationship with some of them. Some such people have been kind enough to share with me a few of their observations about me.

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    Vijaya Shankar


    His passion for programming enables him to involve himself extensively in development of a solution from scratch. Furthermore, his systematic approach and attention to details helps him multi-task efficiently. In addition to his regular assignments, he invests time in the research and development of several Proofs of concepts, estimation of future projects and training his junior associates. He has built a great rapport with his onsite counterparts and our clients.

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    Raghesh Krishnan


    He is a keen observer of the world developments and he has a penchant for technology. In addition to being a well-behaved and an attentive student, he was very punctual when it came to turning in assignments and projects. I remember him as a student who would confidently put forth his views and do so in a diplomatic tone.

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    Bindu K R


    Shriram is an outstanding individual with a strong character who has very high aspirations and is a hard-working and dedicated person with the self-belief that he can do whatever he has set for himself. Shriram is systematic in his approach, very inquisitive, extremely organized and is highly self-motivated with a very positive attitude and truly embraces learning all there is to know in the field of technology.Shriram was the ACM Student Chapter Coordinator and was an active member of FOSS club. He was a member of the organizing committee of COGITO 2011 hosted by the department.

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+1 (213) 245-7653

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Joint Educational Project, 801 West 34th St, Los Angeles, CA - 90089


2366 1/2 Portland St, Los Angeles, CA - 90007

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You can reach me in any of the above mediums. If you want to leave me a quick message, please feel free to do so here. I am a notification freak and I constantly check my phone for any updates, so rest assured that I will get back to you as soon as I can.